Why take an assessment test?

For HR Selection and Development:

  • • It’s a reliable and valid method to insure that the best candidates match the job
  • • Research shows that people tend to overestimate information on their cv’s, and the interview may be highly influenced by a manager’s prejudices, likes and dislikes without realizing it.
  • • Can filter the best available candidates to ensure long term investment
  • • Can help identify talent and potential leaders in a group
  • • Can help form efficient and cohesive groups in a work setting
  • • Can create a more efficient organization
  • • Can predict an employee’s work performance
  • • Can reduce staff turnover
  • • Can show the relatively strong and weak areas within a person to introduce development

For Students:

  • • An objective measure of often hidden abilities which can help form a robust foundation for making career decisions
  • • Can help identify a student’s interests and skills, while highlighting strengths and weaknesses
  • • Allows you to make a scientific and knowledgeable major choice to avoid falling into the trap of trial and error
  • • Studies have proved that assessment provide good personality-major match prediction in:
    • - College success
    • - Earning higher grades
    • - Graduating on time
    • - Persistence with choice of major through graduation
    • - Better satisfied and successful in their career
  • • The more interested you are in your major, the more time and effort you put into it and the more confident you feel pursuing it