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"My experience in the completion of the assessment to choose the academic specialization was wonderful after I have been confused about the university specialization that I want to take, the assessment helped me and clarified to me the way that suits me and fits my personality, I discovered that what suits me are social areas where I work with people and innovative that requires me to come up with new ideas, I advise anyone confused about specialization that suit him personally to take the assessment to find the specialty that will relieve him psychologically and get his satisfaction in curriculums."

"I benefited from occupational interest personality test, as it has put an end to my confusion about my future career. I will not hesitate to recommend it to other."

"It seems people generally follow a common life guideline: you go to school, then university, then get a job or pursue an even higher degree, and ultimately settle down and start a family. When I graduated from university the first question on my mind, naturally, was: "what's my next step?" I felt I had no idea where my life was headed. I had a college degree but no idea what to do with it. What kind of career was I looking for? Where would my skills be most utilized? What kind of environment would I be most productive in? And the questions kept coming. That's when I decided to take the Occupational Interest Profile test at Theta Ether. After discussing my results I had a clearer picture of what kind of career I should be looking for based on my skills and motivations. It made my job search more concise and efficient, and generally gave me a better insight to myself."

"Before I took the exam, I was going through a very confused phase in my life. I had just graduated with a BA, and had no idea what I wanted to do next! I have so many interests and therefore no clue as to what direction I should go. My mom who had heard of the psytech test, and was so worried about my distress suggested that I take the test. At first I was hesitant and hopeless as to what a test could tell me about my life at a time where I felt so lost and helpless. But I had nothing to loose by taking the assessment, and since I had heard so much about it I decided to do it. After taking the test and meeting with the professional at Theta Ether to discuss the report, I came out of that meeting feeling happier than ever before. In that meeting, she explained the test results and together we had a discussion about what types of strengths I had, and weaknesses as well. We discussed the type of things that inspired me, and the types of things that irritated and exhausted me. She explained that the test values both doing something that you enjoy and have the skills and the personality for! After having such a rich discussion, I came out with a much better idea regarding what Masters program I want to look into, and what area I could work in. The discussion included asking great questions, listening and leading the conversation in a path that really focuses on understanding the person, and helping the person better understand themselves! I encourage anyone who is confused about the future, or unsure to take an hour out of their day to do the test and have this conversation. You really owe it to yourself to do something that you love and can make you happy! This is a great and simple way to find out what those things are for you! I cannot stress more how much impact it had on me."