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Assessment Programs for Students

Stepping into university is one of the most important stages of a student's life, where a student determines her career path through the chosen college major and where she will spend several years in learning and studying this major and thus, she would choose a career path that she is to proceed in the career working life. Therefore, it is important for the student to be on full knowledge of her abilities and personality traits that distinguish her from others. That is because if the job requirement or the required work tasks are matched with what she knows about herself in terms of the knowledge about her abilities and personality, she will then get the satisfaction and self-sufficiency in the university and her chosen career path. However, it will not be easy for the student to identify her abilities and personality traits unless she completes the 'psytech' tests which is considered as personal assessment tools. Such tests will enable her to identify the field where she is best characterized at and identify the area where she needs self-development.

High School & Foundation year students:

All students during this phase start to think and question themselves about the selection of the academic specialization and what major is best for them!! Many students choose their major based on the desire and wishes of their parents, high achievement in a particular subject, or based on their passion. Also, many students are strongly affected by their friends' selection or on the popularity of a specific or a new major, and such ways of selection are selections based on trial and error. One may be lucky at times, but must remember that not everyone is the same, and that every student has different personality and abilities that make him/her unique and that each college major has different personal needs. Therefore, the selection of the appropriate specialization is important and should be built on the basis of reliable and valid research method which is provided by the 'psytech' tests programs. Research shows that choosing the college major that corresponds to one's personal needs and capabilities leads to academic success, earning higher marks, persistence on the same specialization, graduating on time and hence achieving high performance in future work.

1- General Reasoning Test GRT2:

Comprehensive assessment of ability required for occupational work , measuring verbal ability (VR2, a criterion to assess the fluency of verbal and analytical capacity through the use of words necessary for many occupations ), measuring numerical ability (NR2, a criterion for evaluating the ability to deal with the numbers in a logical and effective way necessary for many careers such as administrative assistant and occupations that require technical task), measuring abstract reasoning (AR2, a standard to evaluate the ability to understand abstract logical issues and use them outside the scope of past experience).

2- Occupational Interest Profile OIP+:

Occupational Interest Profile is a tool that can be used for career guidance and development. The OIP+ consists of occupational interest questionnaire and is a measure of personal work needs. It measures 8 interests and 5 work’s needs. It is a measurement of personal interests versus work requirements.

Graduate students:

If you have graduated or on the doors of graduation and you feel like there is a wide range of careers beyond your scope and you are unsure of which career direction you want to pursue. If you are looking for the work needs requirements in a particular specialty to match them with what gives you the feeling of satisfaction and self-achievement, we have the tools that light up the right path for you.

Personality Profile 15FQ+

A competency assessment program in the sale that shows the strengths and weaknesses level of each of the fifteen elements in the domain that require competence in the profession of selling. The SPT assessment program is different from the 15FQ+ assessment program, SPT shows the surface patterns of personality and related to the performance of the skill in a specific area of work tasks where when identified can be developed, while 15FQ+ identifies the personality profile.