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About Theta Ether

Theta Ether Est. is a Commercial establishment based in AlKhobar Saudi Arabia, that aims to provide an opportunity for the youth (male and female) whether they are in educational years or whether they are candidates to join the labor market, to take advantage of its services. Such services could be the provision of occupational assessment programs in the field of human resources. The establishment is working to distribute products with a distinctive foreign brand (Psytech) that helps identify the career path specified by the occupational interest and abilities whether it is numerical or verbal which are necessary for students in high school when determining the academic specialization path. These programs are new addition to the evaluation tests done in English and mathematics. There are also programs that identify the personality profiles, the occupational interests and the values that should be compatible with job requirements. We provide the assessment programs to be supportive tools to what is currently adopted in the decision-making process in employment or academic career path such as in reliance on personal interviews.

On the basis of awareness of the importance of reaching high efficiency in job performance and the importance of working in a homogeneous field with interests and abilities and matched personality with business requirements, we provide occupational assessment programs. This help employment companies in recruitment process to give preference to place the right employee in the right job in a structured method, rather than by a selective choice. Also, these programs are tools to help human resources officials in developing occupational plans for their employees in the public and private sectors. Theta Ether also has a vision to help youth (male and female) in secondary schools or university graduates to experience a better way in identifying suitable career path.

Our Goal

Awareness of the importance of identifying human abilities and personal profile through the provision of occupational assessment programs that could be considered as a reference when selecting career path.

Our Mission

Human investment by helping discover abilities and personality profile to help in investment of human resources.

Our Vision

Selecting career path based on test assessing programs for occupational interests, abilities and personality profile that lead to efficient and high performance.


  • • Embedded mechanisms of using occupational testing programs in employment offices.
  • • Embedded mechanism of using occupational testing programs in career guidance and coaching at secondary schools.
  • • Embedded mechanisms of using occupational testing programs in the preparatory year at universities.
  • • Encouragement of decision makers in local and public sectors and human resources officials to use occupational assessment programs before considering new candidates to help them place the right person to the right job.

Targeted Populations:

  • • Students (High School, Foudation, Graduate)
  • • Employees (Recruitment, Development Competencies)
  • • Entrepreneurs (Business Startups)

We are certified by the British Psychological Society for Competence in Occupational Assessment and supported by Psytech International to provide adequate assessments.

All tests are registered trademark of Psytech International Ltd.